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    Purchase Guide

    At website https://waiwai.cloud/ please click “Plans & Pricing”.

    In the window that appears, click “Contact us” in the “PRO” package.

    Customers please fill out the form completely:

     Company Name: Enter the company or organization name Optional
     Full name: Enter the full name of the customer.
      Request type: select “Purchase”
     Content: Enter any customer wish.

    Click “Send” button to send information.

    waiwai will receive information from customers and conduct purchase support via mail.

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    Payment method

    After receiving the registered customer information as in “Purchase Instructions”, we will send a “Payment request” and payment method via email provided by the customer .

    About payment method, transfer to the account number below:

     Account number: 1031638651
     At: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam - Saigon Branch (Vietcombank)
     Content of transfer: [Request for payment]_[ Full name of customer]

    After receiving payment, we will proceed to activate customer's “PRO” account and complete the process.