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Let's join the waiwai party!

waiwai supports to create interactive presentations with full of emotions,
since we know sentiment is the key to arouse the audiences.


Boring presentations?

Interaction-enhancing with waiwai

・Live-dialogues are shown in the central screen.
・Anyone can express their emotions and ideas.
・No installation needed to join.

Join the vote

Surveys having difficulty?

Join the vote

・Can make votes.
・Display the results visually using various types of charts.

View your statistical reports

Speculating the next steps after a presentation?

View your statistical reports

・Data is visualized and behaviors are logged.
・Engage your audiences by knowing their patterns.
・Learn from your own experience.

QR Scanning

Getting tired of installations?

QR Scanning - ONE step to join

Allowing anonymous participation promises to simplify the joining process.

Simultaneously with video calling apps

waiwai simultaneously with the mentioned apps and other popular desktop apps such as Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
waiwai on devices

Dynamize your presentation with waiwai's features.

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