Effective from March 1, 2023
Scope of validity: On the sovereign territory of Vietnam.
Although we are aware that the TERMS OF SERVICE is easily ignored by users, we feel it is important to clearly state both our responsibilities and your responsibilities during your use of waiwai products and services.

These terms reflect the way the owning business of waiwai does its business and the laws that we as a company will be subject to. These Terms of Service therefore help define our company's relationship with you when you interact using waiwai.

It is important to understand these terms clearly because by using our services you agree with the terms.
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    waiwai's vendor information
    Tax identifier number: 0316009827
    Address: Floor 2, PLS Building, 105-107 Co Giang Street, Co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
    Email address: information@waiwai.cloud
    Phone number: +84 286 2711 892
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    About waiwai
    This is an application that assists the connection between audiences (“participants”) and presenters (“hosts”) during speeches, presentations, and lectures.
    Hosts sign in to their waiwai account, start a session and allow others to join using QR code or URL.
    When the host gives a speech and conveys the subject content, permitted participants can interact by sending emoji reactions and leaving comments via waiwai to raise opinions or ask questions to the host. Emoji reactions and comments will be publicly visible on the host's screen.
    After finishing the presentation and having closed the session, the host can view the number of emoji reactions and the comments left by participants.
    With the “FREE” plan you can use the basic features of waiwai without paying any fees. To use advanced features, you need to purchase the “PRO” plan.
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    Trademarks and copyrights
    All intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered), informational content and all designs, documents, softwares, images, videos, sounds, source codes and programs associated with this website are our property.

    The entire content of this website is protected by the copyright laws of Vietnam and international conventions.
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    Your relationship with waiwai
    We provide you with the permission to use waiwai in the condition that you obey these terms.
    The words “waiwai”, “we”, “us”, “our” and “ours” refer to Canvas.Asia Co., Ltd, the owner of waiwai.
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    Our responsibilities

    Provide waiwai to customers: we provide the product and service when customers register a waiwai account.

    Develop, improve and update the service to fulfil customer’s needs. In this process of continuous improvement, sometimes, we will add or remove some features and functions, increase or reduce the limits to which services are applied, and start providing new services or stop providing old services.

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    Your responsibilities
    Comply with these terms.

    Do not use waiwai in speeches for the purpose of spreading information prohibited in the laws of the Socialists Republic of Vietnam.

    Do not use waiwai in sessions calling on others to commit things that are contrary to the provisions of Vietnamese law.

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    Your right to use waiwai
    When you download waiwai, register an account and comply with all of our terms, you are at your will to use waiwai by either the “FREE” or “PRO” plan.
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    Your waiwai account
    You can create the account to use the features of waiwai and take the responsibility for all of your presentations, speeches (as hosts) and comments (as participant).
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    Information exchange related to waiwai
    To provide the services to you, sometimes, we will notify you about service and other information by the “Notification” features on waiwai or sending emails to your inbox.

    If you opt-in to give us feedback, such as ideas and suggestions to improve our services, we may act upon your feedback without liability.
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    We use reasonable care and expertise to provide services. If we do not meet the quality level described, you agree to notify us and we will work with you to resolve the issue.
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    Legal responsibility
    We are not responsible for all users in case users use this website and waiwai for illegal purposes.
    All terms, conditions and contents of this website are governed by the laws of Vietnam. The competent court in Vietnam will resolve any dispute arising from the unauthorised use of this website and waiwai.
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    Suspend or terminate your access to waiwai
    We will suspend or terminate your access to waiwai under the following circumstances:

    Violating these terms

    Complying with the requirements of the competent authorities

    Failure to pay the requested amount in full

    Conversely, you can always stop using our service at any time. However, in the event that you delete your account, we'd love for you to give us a reason to continue to improve our services.
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    Cancellation of transactions
    In case of wrong payment or error in the transfer process, please contact the following phone number for support: 0286 2711 892.