Frequently asked questions

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Can I use waiwai simultaneously with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Microsoft Office apps,etc?

Yes, you can use waiwai simultaneously with the mentioned apps and other popular desktop apps.
In session settings, please highlight the screen of your choice to display comments, reactions and poll results.

How many people can join 1 session at a time?

The maximum number of participants depends on the current plan of the host.
・FREE: 30 participants
・PRO: 75 participants
・ONE-TIME: on-demand.
For more information on plans, please visit “Plans & Pricing”

What is "One time session" ?

One time Sessions allow you to create sessions that provide the same functionality as the Pro Plan on a permanent.
The maximum number of participants can also be changed to meet your needs.

Simultaneous login with one account?

waiwai does not allow one account to be shared by multiple user.
Therefore, there is no guarantee regarding the operation of simultaneous access.

※We do not offer that allows multiple users to share a single account.

About supported browsers and supported OS?

Supported OS: Windows or Mac.
Recommended browsers: latest version of Chrome, latest version of Microsoft Edge, latest version of Safari.